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The Rain in Spain

Log Line

The shenanigans begin when two over-protective moms follow their teenage backpacking daughters to Europe, incognito, in an attempt to protect them from imagined evils.

Script Info

Script Type: feature

Screenplay Synopsis

The story centers around Marianne and Kim, two sisters who couldnt be more opposite. Marianne is conservative, controlling, organized, methodical, married and devoted to her family. Kim, on the other hand, is single, flamboyant, scattered, loves to party and does everything on the fly. The two are fraught with worry when their 18 year-old daughters, Jaimie and Lisa, leave their comfortable suburban life for the adventures of backpacking Europe. Unable to stand the anxiety, they hatch a plan to follow the girls, incognito, to Spain to, ensure their safety.

As soon as they arrive at their B&B in Seville, the mishaps begin: they get kicked out of their B&B and end up in an elder hostel, get lost, suffer a car crash, land in the local jail, push each other to their limits, and even have a mud-wrestle.

Along the way youll meet charming and unforgettable characters such as the suave conman, Alphonse, arrogant Flamenco Man and Crazy Jesus, the balloon sleeper. These shenanigans are punctuated by downpours of rain and spontaneous dance numbers.

Throughout, we see Jaimie and Lisa begin their own adventures as they meet and party with fellow backpackers from other countries.

As the story unfolds Marianne and Kim are forced to resolve their long-standing issues.

At the end theres a big reveal: the girls found out early on that their mothers were following them and orchestrated the event that set the mishaps into motion, hoping to teach them a lesson. Marianne and Kim learn their lesson and see that their daughters are capable, young women, ready to go off on their own adventure, and are finally able to let go.