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Chasing the Lemon (Comedy)

Log Line

Facing eviction and the possibility of losing custody of her Down's Syndrome brother, a down-on-her-luck pool shark sees a chance to score some cash when legendary loser Donnie the Lemon hits it big at the track. But the word is out and she'll have to stay one step ahead of all the misfits and oddballs in a madcap race to squeeze the Lemon.

Script Info

Script Type: Feature
Genre: Comedy
Length: 97 pages
Est. Budget: Less than $1M

Screenplay Synopsis

Life hasnt been easy for Clyde. An indigenous child adopted by a white family and then orphaned again at an early age, shes the only one left to look out for her Down Syndrome brother, Tommy. Times are tough. A score here and a score there, hustling nine-ball out of her cab just aint gonna cut it.

Facing eviction after Tommy accidentally sets the apartment on fire, while watching a reality cooking show, Clyde feels the heat. Heartsick, the pressure is on Clyde to move Tommy to a group home.

Opportunity knocks when fellow pool shark and compulsive gambler, Donny the Lemon hits it big at the track450 large! Clyde finds an unlikely ally in her old friend, charming delinquent and small time thief, Nicky No-Future (a.k.a. Fewtch, he is secretly in love with her). If they can get to Donny first theyll have a shot at fleecing him of his winnings.

But theyre not the only ones: local bookie, Harry the Boof and his crew are hot on the trail. As is Donnys wife, Roz, a Doberman with a skirt on, if ever there was one. Odds are Donnys heading straight to Vegas. Buttheres a snowstorm and all the planes are downed. Next best bet? Donnys favorite casino in Niagara Falls.

And theyre off! A madcap race ensues to squeeze the Lemon. Each party encounters obstacles as they head toward the casino. Throw in a couple of Mexican midget wrestlers and their Jamaican body guard who are after Nicky for a Viagara deal gone bad, and things get really dicey.

Ultimately, Clyde gets the first shot at Donny in a game of Nine Ball. After getting off to a fast start, over-confidence bites her in the assand she loses everything. All her hopes for the future down the drain

On the verge of tears, she wanders out into the casino, looking for Tommy and Nicky. The casino is buzzing. A crowd has gathered. Clyde weaves her way through, stunned to discover Tommy battling a video game. With each level he conquers, the crowd erupts in cheer. Tommys in the zone. He defeats the game and the room goes crazy! Imagine that! Tommy saves the day, winning first prize: a vintage Lamborghini!

The wrap up: Clyde, Nicky and Tommy drive to Texas, where they sell the Lamborghini to finance a successful BBQ and billiard roadhouse. Harry opens his dream business in Niagara Falls: a used-car lot/wedding chapel. The Mexican midgets get deported after a brawl in the casino, find God and reinvent themselves as evangelical talk radio hosts. Roz uses Donnys winnings to open an online gambling site.

Think The Hangover vs. Little Miss Sunshine

About This Screenplay

CHASING THE LEMON is inspired by characters from Tim\'s mispent youth playing hooky in the local poolhall. It made Second Round at Austin and Top 7 of the Reelheart International Screenplay Competition.