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Unholy Toledo

Nine on The Blacklist

2016 Scriptapalooza Semi-Finalist

2014 Scriptapalooza Quarter-Finalist

Top 100 2014 Emerging Screenwriters' Competition

Genre: Period/Crime


When a couple of runaway farm boys start running slots in Prohibition-era Toledo the ruthless Purple Gang moves in hard and fast, kidnapping one of their wives, setting up a high stakes, winner take all, game of life and death.

Young Louis House, flees the family farm after suffering abuse from his father. While waiting to hop a train he meets another teenager, Tuffy Lemarr. Together they visit a hobo camp, narrowly escaping disaster, then hop a train and ride the rails into Toledo, Ohio. The time is Prohibition. Toledo has become a mecca for gambling and bootlegging amidst an atmosphere of political corruption. Louie and Tuffy find work in the railway yards where Louie goes up against Big Bart in a bare knuckle prize fight, staking his first business venture, a billiards hall. To this Louie adds a string of slot machines throughout the city. Tuffy opens a cigar shop, running high-stakes poker games in the back. Louie meets and falls in love with Mary, a transplanted farm girl. Life is sweetuntil ruthless mobster Yonnie Licavoli comes to take over Toledo. Louie refuses to cut Licavoli in on his business. In retaliation, Licavoli has Mary kidnapped for ransom. Culminating in a car chase/shoot-out, Louie and Tuffy defeat Licavoli and his gangsters, saving Mary.

Inspired by real characters and true events, Unholy Toledo tells the quintessential American story of determination and ingenuity set against the backdrop of Depression Era Prohibition.