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The Redemption of Frank Malone

Quarter-finalist 2018 Screencraft Short Screenplay Competition

Semi-finalist 2018 Table Read My Screenplay Park City

Second Rounder at Austin 2015

Top 20 2015 Emerging Screenwriters Short Screenplay Competition

Finalist Avanti Productions Short Screenplay Competition (U.K.)

Genre: Suspense/Thriller Short (30 min.)

Haunted by a bloody past and hard wired for violence, mob enforcer Frank Malone gets one last shot at redemption as he matches wits with a most twisted form of evil: a psychopathic teenager planning a massacre at his daughter's school.

Tormented by his violent past, mob enforcer, Frank Malone has only months to live. He discovers he has a daughter, Dana, who was given up for adoption without his knowledge. Compelled to make contact he sets out to find her.

Frank stakes out the school where Dana teaches. But someone else is watching the school as well: a teen-ager, Derek, with dark intentions. Frank tracks Derek, discovering his sinister plan: to carry out a massacre at Dana's school.

A cat and mouse game ensues, resulting in a final confrontation: a showdown where all of Franks skills and street smarts are put to the test. With nothing to lose and with the life of his daughter and a school full of children in the balance, Frank makes the ultimate sacrifice. He takes Derek down losing his life when a SWAT team mistakes him for the shooter. Dana discovers, too late, that the fallen hero is her father.