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Hi! Welcome to my website. Below are the loglines for my screenplays. Unholy Toledo and Chasing the Lemon were co-written with my brother, Tim House. For the full synopses just click on the tabs above.

Unholy Toledo (period crime drama)

Nine on The Blacklist, 2016 Scriptapalooza Semi-Finalist, 2014 Scriptapalooza Quarter-Finalist, Top 100 2014 Emerging Screenwriters Competition

When a couple of runaway farm boys start running slots in Prohibition-era Toledo the ruthless Purple Gang moves in hard and fast, kidnapping one of their wives, setting up a high stakes, winner take all, game of life and death.

Chasing the Lemon (madcap comedy)

Facing eviction and possibly losing her Downs Syndrome brother to a foster home, a down on her luck pool shark sees an opportunity when legendary loser Donnie the Lemon hits it big at the track. But the word is out and shell have to stay one step ahead of all the misfits and oddballs in a madcap race to squeeze the Lemon.

The Redemption of Frank Malone (short/30 pgs.)

Second Rounder at Austin 2015, Top 20 Emerging Screenwriters' Shoot Your Short Competition, Finalist Avanti Short Screenplay Competition

Haunted by a bloody past and hard wired for violence, mob enforcer Frank Malone gets one last shot at redemption as he matches wits with a most twisted form of evil: a psychopathic teenager planning a massacre at his daughters school.

Changeology (family dramedy)

Top Six Reelheart International Screenplay Competition 2014

Mark and Christine Bernstein are not your average couple. Mark is Jewish. Christine grew up Catholic. Their status quo is rocked when their 19 year-old daughter, Leah, announces shes become a Muslim.

The Rain in Spain (madcap comedy)

The shenanigans begin when two over-protective moms follow their teenage backpacking daughters to Europe, incognito, in an attempt to protect them from imagined evils.